About your Test

SelNxt U.S. Green Card Eligibility Test is to help prospective immigrants inside and outside of the United States, immigration advocates, attorneys, representatives, and law students.

The test covers all possible paths to legal permanent residency (91 immigration categories).

The test provides U.S. government information in a way that is available neither on any government website nor anywhere else.

The first part of the test contains 22 simple multiple choice questions. All you need to do is SELNXT: Select (SEL) answers from a list of choices and press the Next (NXT) button. Based on your answers, the system will make an initial evaluation of your eligibility and determine your options to apply under various immigration classifications.

The second part of the test helps you determine the eligibility for the U.S. permanent residence in detail and provides links to the U.S. government information relevant to each category of eligibility (statutory and regulatory authorities, policies, procedures, online guidance):

Your options

Option 1. Run Your Pre-Test: a very brief evaluation of your Green Card eligibility. This may take just 1 munute.

Option 2. Run Your Test: complete and very comprehensive evaluation of your Green Card eligibility. This may take 5-10 munutes.

Option 3. Review all Your 91 Paths to U.S. Green Card.

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Authoritative Sources

1. Statutory Authorities: 2. Regulatory Authorities: 3. U.S. Federal Court Decisions.

4. Class Action Settlement Notices and Agreements.

5. Administrative Decisions by: 6. Policies and Procedures: 7. USCIS Significant Guidance Documents.

8. Online Guidance, Advisories, and Publications by:


The test may take 5-10 minutes.