REQUIREMENT 1. You must have at least: (a) a diploma of high school (or equivalent) or (b) two years of work experience.

Clarification 1. Each country has different standards of high school education. Diploma by correspondence (or diploma by exam) usually do not meet these standards. Number of years of study may vary.

Clarification 2. Your two years of work experience must be: (a) within the past five years and (b) in an occupation that requires at least two years of training or experience (according to U.S. DOL's online database of occupations O*Net).

REQUIREMENT 2. Your country is in the list of DV countries. This list is updated each year. The list of DV countries for upcoming DV Lottery (DV-2011) is expected to be published by U.S. DOS in September 2019 (just before the registration period in October, 2019).

Clarification. You may choose your country of eligibility as (a) your country of birth, or (b) the country of birth of your spouse, or (c) the country of birth of either of your parents, but only if: (a) neither of your parents was born in your country of birth and (b) neither of your parents was a resident of your country of birth at the time of your birth.


Is a job offer in the U.S. required? - No.
Is Labor Certification required? - No.
Is Prevailing Wage Determination required? - No.
Is proficiency in English required? - No.
Is a minimum or maximum age required? - No.
Is an Affidavit of Support required? - No.
Is a proof of funds to start life in the U.S. required? - No.
Can your family members get green cards as derivative beneficiaries? - Yes.

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