REQUIREMENT 1A. You are a Salvadoran.

REQUIREMENT 1B. You have not been convicted of an aggravated felony.

AND (2A-2D OR 3A-3B):

REQUIREMENT 2A. You first entered the U.S. on or before September 19, 1990.

REQUIREMENT 2B. You were registered for ABC benefits on or before October 31, 1991: either directly or by applying for Temporary Protected Status (TPS).

REQUIREMENT 2C. You applied for asylum on or before February 16, 1996.

REQUIREMENT 2D. You were not apprehended at time of entry after December 19, 1990.


REQUIREMENT 3A. You filed an application for asylum on or before April 1, 1990.

REQUIREMENT 3B. You have not received a final decision on your asylum application.

AND, IF you are in removal proceedings, THEN:

REQUIREMENT 4A. You are continuously physically present in the U.S. for seven years.

REQUIREMENT 4B. You are a person of good moral character during those seven years.

REQUIREMENT 4C. Your deportation or removal would result in extreme hardship to you or to your spouse, child, or parent who is a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.


Is a job offer in the U.S. required? - No.
Is Labor Certification required? - No.
Is Prevailing Wage Determination required? - No.
Is proficiency in English required? - No.
Is a minimum education required? - No.
Is a minimum or maximum age required? - No.
Is an Affidavit of Support required? - No.
Is a proof of funds to start life in the U.S. required? - No.
Can your family members get green cards as derivative beneficiaries? - Yes.

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