Pre-Test Evaluation of Your Green Card Eligibility

Briefly review the checklist below prior to running the complete test. It may take about one minute. If at least one checklist item applies to you, you may be eligible for U.S. Green Card and it is reasonable to run the complete test. For most categories your family members can get green cards as derivative beneficiaries.

1. Green Card by education or experience: 2. Green Card by occupation (in present or in past): 3. Green Card by professional achievements: 4. Green Card by country of nationality (your or family members):

5. Green Card by U.S. immigration status of your (current, prospective or former) family member: Definitions: 6. Green Card by a U.S. job offer (any position regardless of your education and experience).

7. Green Card by investing into the U.S.

8. Green Card by history of work for U.S. or international organizations (yourself or family members): 9. Green Card by U.S. immigration status (your or family members): 10. Green Card by presence in the U.S. (continuously or with some interruptions): 11. Green Card by juvenile court proceeding in the U.S.

Your options

Option 1. Run Your Test: complete and very comprehensive evaluation of your Green Card eligibility. This may take 5-10 munutes.

Option 2. Review all Your 91 Paths to U.S. Green Card.

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